Sativa Cream 500gm

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Sativa Cream, The best formulated cream from the most powerful medicinal Herb in the world.

Sativa cream is formulated by one of the Malaysia’s leading Pharmacologist and toxicologist, Professor Dr Mustafa Ali Mohd.

Sativa cream contains specially selected ingredients and formulated based on scientific knowledge and information to make the best preparation from Nigella sativa and Monk fruit.

Nigella sativa and Monk fruit are two most important medicinal herbs that are widely used for various medicinal purposes.

Nigella sativa contains very potent antioxidant, Thymoquinone and Nigellidine which helps to prevent inflammation and also prevent damage to skin and blood vessels by preventing oxidative stress, making the skin healthy and more resistant to stress and inflammation.

These natural compounds in Nigella sativa also works on our immune system to prevent release of pro inflammatory factors and improve our immune system and helps in prevention many other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Monk fruit has very strong antioxidant and has antibacterial activity which makes the product a multiprong approach to improve skin health and to prevent skin damage.

This formulation is the first of its kind and has proven to work and improve quality of life indirectly to its users.

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